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PatternMaker Macros: Ladies Garments With Raglan Sleeves

Copyright ©1998-2001 Leena Lähteenmäki, Järvenpää

Ordering and installing the macro collection

To order and install the macro collection, please go to the PatternMaker website at

Instructions for using this macro collection

This macro collection contains the same ladies' top garments as are included in the ladies' vol. 1 macro collection but with raglan sleeves.Use sewing instructions published for that macro collection. Click here.

In the raglan shirt macro there are two model options: shirt and T-shirt. Shirt has a two-piece shirt collar and T-shirt a hood. If you do not need the hood, you can erase it and cut a ribbing instead. In this macro there also are 4 ease options. The three first ease options are for normal shirt and T-shirt: normal, minimum and maximum. The last ease option (jaket/sweater maximum) is for loose casual jackets and sweaters. For a jacket, use the shirt model and for a sweater the T-shirt model. If you want to sew a jacket with hood, run both model options and erase other T-shirt pattern pieces than the hood. If you want to draft a different kind of collar to your shirt, T-shirt or jacket, use the collars macros which comes free with all PatternMaker program versions.


As with all patterns drafted with PatternMaker macros, you have to remember that they are drafted according to your own measurements. So they may not look like the patterns you have been used to. Most significantly the direction of the front shoulder very much depends on the ratio of your front and back heights. If you have a prominent bust, your front shoulder may be steeper than you have seen in the patterns drafted according to standard measurements.

Here you have the patterns of three real ladies. There are the patterns of the basic bodice with normal sleeves and with raglan sleeves drafted on top of one another. You can see how different the patterns look.

Lady A has a very steep front shoulder which also makes her raglan sleeve head very narrow at front. Lady C has a completely different figure, her front shoulder is more or less horizontal (it will slope downwards when the bust dart is sewn) and her raglan front sleeve head is much wider.

In the raglan sleeve design there has been added space at armpit to give the arm more space to move. That's why the raglan sleeve is wider at the armpit than the normal sleeve.

The patterns of Lady B look more like the raglan patterns you have seen but the back sleeve is wider than the front sleeve. Look at the above picture where the raglan sleeve has been drafted on top of the normal sleeve to verify that the sleeves are identical, only the armpit of the raglan sleeve has been lowered and made wider.

As always, if you have sewn a muslin with the patterns of the normal basic bodice and your measurements and if it fits, you can be sure that all patterns drafted with the PatternMaker macros with those measurements, fit. If you need to, please read more about sewing a muslin using the patterns of the basic bodice.

Altering the design with help of other PatternMaker macros

If you want to alter the design of a raglan garment, use other PatternMaker macros as a guide.

Let's presume you want to draft patterns for a jacket with a shawl collar and raglan sleeves.

In the raglan jacket macro there is not an option for shawl collar but in the super jacket macro there is. Run the macros on top of each other. Trace and add the shawl collar to the raglan jacket shell and sleeve as in the drawing above. Please be sure to use the same ease in both macros. This way you can combine any two macros.

Altering the shoulder shape

If there is too much room in the raglan sleeve shoulders even if you have not chosen the shoulder paddings option, try the garment on and pin the desired shoulder shape. Then re-sew the shoulder seam.

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